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New Stock Arrivals .... Have a peep and see them !!!

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New Stock Arrivals .... Have a peep and see them !!!

Post by Pongos Bears on Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:53 pm

Check out our latest stock arrivals .....
Meet Renée..

This sweet old lady is quite a mystery; we think she may be French but are not sure…Probably late 1940’s/early 1950’s. Renee is 17” tall, with long, shaggy, beige-blonde mohair. Her mohair is worn in parts, mainly her chest and parts of her face. Renee is fully jointed, woodwool-filled, and has a non-working growler. She has brown velour paw pads with a little age-related wear, and is missing a small square of fabric on her left footpad – perhaps a label has been cut out here at some time in her past? Renee has 3 intact claws on each paw; she has brown/black plastic eyes, original facial stitching, and brown velour ear linings. Apart from the gorgeous mohair, Renee’s loveliest feature is her cute face with a small, almost pointed muzzle. Renee is elegantly dressed in a white cotton dress, embroidered cardigan and cameo choker.

Click here to see all Renee's details

Say Hello to Delia

Delectable Delia may be a modern, traditional Deans ted, but she’s an old-fashioned girl at heart! Delia is 23” tall, with the sweetest face and sumptuous, long, shaggy blonde mohair. Fully jointed, with a soft, huggable filling, Delia has beige ultrasuede paw pads, with the Deans Rag Book label sewn into her right footpad. She has large black glass eyes and brown facial stitching. Definitely a bear to cuddle up with! Delia wears a pretty floral dress with pearly buttons, and a white cotton cardigan with vintage brooch.

Click here to see Delia's full details.
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Re: New Stock Arrivals .... Have a peep and see them !!!

Post by Paula on Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:59 pm

Oh, how did I miss these sweet faced girls! Pretty pics Chris!!!
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